Cover of Alice Bayer, Quilting

Beyer, Alice.  QUILTING. Chicago, Illinois: South Park Commissioners, 1934.

Unpaged - 35 cents

This is more like a book than a pamphlet.  There is an original (1934) edition and a reprint (1978) of this book. The 1934 original is a soft-cover book with no binding – three hole punch. The 1978 reprint is by East Bay Heritage Quilters, Albany, CA, 1978 and has a Spiral Binding.


The original book was written by Alice Beyer (Instructor in Artcraft).  The photographs in the book are by James Kearns.  The engravings in this book are by Metal ‘o-Graph Company.  This book was prepared in the Recreation Department with the following people mentioned:




V.K. Brown, Supt.

E.O. Rausch

R. Russell

Wm. M. Collins

B.C. Friedman

R.U. Nelson

Walter Roy


Technical Service and Counsel who made the manual possible:


William Aedo                                Oscar Ludman

Rudolph Swanson                       Frank T. McIver

Wolrath K. Waterstrom            J.S. Hagans

Leonard Z. Plebanek                   Mrs. George Winters

Tuley Park Quilting Club          Rosemary Quilting Club


South Park Commissioners:


Edward J. Kelly, President

Michael L. Igoe                           Philip S. Graver

Benjamin J. Lindheimer            Wm. H. McDonald

M.E. Connelly, Sec.                    Geo T. Donoghue, Gen. Supt.


There are many interesting sections/articles in this book:

“Steps in Quilt Making”

“Quilt Materials”

“The Pieced Quilt and Running Stitch”

“The Patched or Applique Quilt – Also Quilting Stitch”


“Quilt Sizes”

“Method of Using the Quilting Frame”

“Fundamentals of Quilt Designing”

“A Method of Enlarging Patterns.”

“Bean Compass – Adjustable Pantograph”

“Making Stencils and Patterns.”

“Quilting Frame A”

“Quilting Frame B”

“Quilting Frame C”

“Color Combinations for Designs”



Photographs in this book:


#1 Eleanor Roosevelt (Mrs. Franklin D) being presented with the quilt which won first prize in a contest at the Century of Progress (Photo by Harris & Ewing).

#2 Park Quilting Clubs at Work


#3 Photos of an 1830 Acorn and Oak Leaf Quilt and an 1776 New York Beauty (Photo courtesy of Stearns Foster Company, Cincinnati, Ohio).


#4 Photos of an 1875 Double Feathered Star Quilt and an 1850 American Bride’s Quilt (Photo courtesy of Connecticut Valley Historical Association. Springfield, Massachusetts.).


#5 Two Quilts Exhibited at a Century of Progress – 1933 (Photo courtesy of Sears Roebuck & Co.).


#6.  Martha’s Vineyard Quilt…An Example of Beautiful Quilting (Photo Courtesy of Stearns Foster Company, Cincinnati, Ohio).


#7 Four Quilts in Their Settings: Sweat Pea, Pomegranate, Homespun, and Bunnies.


There are also many interesting quilt blocks illustrations listed in this book.  They are samples of blocks, not actual pattern pieces.


There are also some samples of quilting designs in this book. They are illustrations, not actual pattern pieces.