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Quilt History Interests:

    Collecting Vintage Quilt Paper Items (Ephemera)
    • Iowa and Illinois Quilts and Midwestern Quilt History
    • Virginia Snow Studios, Collingbourne Mills, LeeWards – Elgin, Illinois
    • LeeWard Mills and LeeWards Quilts  - Crib and Adult
    • Patriotic Quilts and Embroidery
    • Eagle Quilts
    • Signature Quilt Genealogy
    • Quilt Pattern History
    • Quilt Designers
    • Researching and Writing about Quilts and Quilt History


    Quilt Articles (Susan Wildemuth):

    “Do You Suffer From Quilt Separation Anxiety? “ QUILT   Fall 1989.

    “A Day at a Quilt Documentation.” QUILT WORLD September 1990.

    “It’s a Knitter! It’s a Cross-Stitcher! No, It’s Me and I’m a Quilter!”
    QUILT  Spring 1991.

    “Finding the Right Frame.” COUNTRY QUILTS Winter 1992.

    “Fair Competition.” QUCK AND EASY QUILTING   Summer 1992.

    “The Sale of the Century.” QUILT   Spring 1997

    “Keeping a Journal.” QUILT WORLD   January 1998.

    “The Beautiful Bible Quilt.” QUILT   Spring 1998.

    “Classic Quilt Patterns from the Kansas City Star.” QUILT   Summer 1998.

    “The Quilting Bee.” QUILT   Summer 1998.

    “Spring Cleaning Antique Quilts.” QUILT   Spring 1999.

    “Carrie Hall and Her Collection of Quilt Artifacts.” QUILT   Winter 2000.

    “Collectible Quilt Paper Items.” QUILT WORLD July 2001.

    “Creating a Family Banner.” QUILT WORLD   September 2001.

    ”Marie D. Webster: She Wrote the Book.” ANTIQUE QUILTS   Fall 2001.

    “History of Mountain Mist Batting.” QUILT WORLD  November 2001.

    “Chatelaines.” QUILT WORLD  January 2002.

    “Elizabeth Keckley and the Mary Todd Lincoln Quilt.” QUILT WORLD   March 2002.

    “Ohio’s Own Ruth E. Finley.” QUILT WORLD  May 2002.

    “What Ever Happened to Virginia Snow?” QUILTER’S WORLD - April 2003.

    “Uncovering Quilt History: The American Quilt Study Group.” QUILTER’S WORLD  August 2003.

    “Meet ‘The Dog Lady’ Sharon Malec.” QUILTER’S WORLD - February 2004.

    “Investigating an Album Signature Quilt.” PIECEWORK September/October 2005.

    “Breast Cancer Awareness & the Quilt Community.” QUILTER’S WORLD   October 2005.

    “Quilt Grants and Scholarships.” QUILTER’S WORLD August 2006.

    “Marie Webster: Early-Twentieth-Century Quilt Designer.” PIECEWORK September/October 2007.

    Wildemuth, Susan – Assorted Articles -- PIECES OF TIME: A QUILT AND TEXTILE HISTORY MAGAZINE. Kalona, Iowa:  Iowa and Illinois Quilt Study Group.

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    Special Note:

    Susan Wildemuth also writes Children’s History, Agricultural History, Human Interest articles and Humor Columns


    Aunt Susie

    Misson Statement

    • To encourage Illinois Quilt History Research
    • To document and save the history of the “everyday Joes and Josephines,” individuals who did or didn’t make the papers, but went about the business of creating quilts that have an Illinois connection.
    • To give people a forum to share Illinois Quilt History stories
    • To provide tips to people doing research in the State of Illinois
    • To encourage quilt ephemera collecting
    • To promote quilt making