Eagle Quilts:

Antique, Vintage, and New

Quilt History Study CD

Susan Wildemuth

Atkinson, Illinois





The first in a series of Quilt History Study CDs created by Susan Wildemuth is now available.

“Eagle Quilts – Antique, Vintage, and New” is a PowerPoint-formatted presentation of the eagle motif in U.S. quilting history.  Utilizing photographs and descriptions, the study of quilts featured in the CD are from Susan’s own collection.

Susan shares, "My Eagle Quilt History Study Cd is a mixture of photographs and descriptions.  It is part quilt exhibit – part quilt history study – part timeline of the evolution of the eagle quilt motif in the United States."


The other CDs in this series are still in development. Each focuses on a one-of-a-kind quilt history topic and will be uniquely different from the others. All are carefully researched and thoroughly documented.


Susan is an author, historian and quilting aficionada. Her research, writing and photographs have been published in national, regional and local quilt and textile history publications.  Her web site Illinois Quilt History: Quilt History from the Midwest http://www.illinoisquilthistory.com/  was established in 2008, and her blog Eye of the Needle: Quilt History Conversation from the Midwest http://sew-eyeoftheneedlequilthistory.blogspot.com/ followed in 2009.


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Why I Collect Eagle Quilts

I collect antique, vintage, and new eagle quilts.  I would like to give you some intellectual or artistically stimulating reason why I do it.  I can’t.  The reason I collect eagle quilts is because they remind me of my dad.  A voracious reader, his intelligence did not come from college studies, dad went to the university of life and like a lot of the parents from my generation got his post-graduate degree  in WWII. He was a mixture of strength and weakness, reserved with strangers – out-going with family, and worked hard to provide for his family.  He loved nature, journaling about our trips, history, and expected us to conduct our life with honor. He was proud of his service in the United States Navy during WWII and was very patriotic. As I said in another article on this site, he was the template by which I choose a husband and raised my son.   He is “the eagle” and the reason I collect quilts with eagle motifs..

Sea Wings to Glory

Mountain Mist Pattern

(Parks-Wildemuth Collection)

Interesting Eagle Quilt Information


Item One


Quilt Historians have been looking for a pattern source or the “first” pattern or “first massed produced pattern” for the four corner or mirror eagle quilt.  It is still MIA as of 2009.


Take a look at an eagle (1865-1890 from Cumberland Valley, Penn.)  created by folk-art wood-carver Wilhelm Schimmel – doesn’t it resemble the four corner or four mirror eagle motifs on quilts?







Item  Two


NRA Quilts

NRA Quilts – we know them, we love them.  We want to see some more of them.  Please share if you know the location of an NRA Quilt – quiltingbee73@yahoo.com


“The National Recovery Act (NRA) was enacted in June of 1933 and declared invalid in May 1935.”  Xenia Cord – Quilt History List - March 13, 2008, 8:45 a.m.




Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

(Permission Granted to Use Image)


The Museum collection of the FDR Library has an NRA Quilt. The quilted white sateen bedspread, ca. 1933, (MO 53.1091) has six copies of the NRA Blue Eagle symbol embroidered in red, white, and blue.  The background of the quilt is decorated with dollar signs. Comes with red, white, and blue fringe around side and bottom edges.  It
was presented (sent) to FDR by Jaske Bros., San Antonio, Texas, date
unknown.  Little else is known about the quilt. 

Special Note

If you have any information you'd like to share concerning Eagle quilts please contact Susan Wildemuth at quiltingbee73@yahoo.com and she will add it to this section.


Eagle Motif Quilt Bibliography

There have been others who have written about the eagle motif before me and I want to honor those researchers, writers, and historians here too. 

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Special Note: Please pay close attention to Barbara Brackman’s QNM eagle article and Kim Wulfert’s eagle motif pieces on her antique quilt dating guides web site http://www.antiquequiltdatingguides.com/Eagles_on_Quilts_and_Eagle