Meet Bertha Stenge

Susan Wildemuth, Atkinson, IL

     No quilt site about Illinois Quilt History would be complete without a piece about Bertha Stenge of Chicago, Illinois.  Joyce Gross and Merikay Waldvogel have done extensive research on Mrs. Stenge so I will not do an in-depth article here because you will want to go on a day trip to your local library and check out or interlibrary loan one of myriad Bertha Stenge articles to read more about “Chicago’s Quilting Queen.” 


Here is what you will find here:


Meet Bertha Stenge

Bertha Sheramsky Stenge



February 8, 1891

Alameda, California



Father:  Max Sheramsky (Tailor by Profession)

Mother: Frances



Bernhard Stenge (Attorney by Profession)



(3 Daughters)






June 18, 1957



Chicago, Illinois


Residence (At Passing):

Chicago, Illinois


Stenge Quilts in Private and Public Collections


The Art Institute of Chicago


Victory Quilt                                              1942

Quilt Show                                                1943

Toby Lil                                                    1951

Panel Depicting Two Dancers              Mid 20th Century


These quilts can be viewed online at:




Illinois State Museum

The Star of Constantine                              1936

Iva's Pincushion                                          1936

The Bible Quilt                                           1936-37

Mosaic, Grandmother's Garden                  1940

Four Freedoms                                          1943

Office of Price Administration Quilt             1946

The Quilting Party                                       1948

Tangled Garters, Sunbonnet Sue                 1940-1950

These quilts can be viewed online at:



Chicago Historical Society


Chicago Fair                                                1933


Special Note:  If anyone knows of any other Bertha Stenge quilts in public or private collections would you please share so that I may ad them to the list.


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 Special Note:  If anyone knows of any other Bertha Stenge articles would you please share so that I may ad them to the reading list.