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Maxine "the Queen" Wildemuth

Looking for a Speaker?

These people do quilt history lectures in Illinois


Sandy and Mr. Lincoln

Alexandra Schweitzer  (Sandy)

 AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser

 Quilt historian, Lecturer, Author

 P.O. Box 1042

Crystal Lake, IL 60039

 (815) 459-5545

E-Mail:  sandys@mc.net 


Catherine Noll Litwinow  (Cathy)

A retired public and private school teacher, Catherine Litwinow’s lectures and workshops are for learning, laughing, and lauding quilts and their makers.  Ms. Litwinow does take her lectures and workshops “on the road” and has taught throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Contact Information:

Catherine Noll Litwinow

2585 Hunter Road

Bettendorf, Iowa 52722

Home (563) 332-8588



   1.    What’s with the Hats?  Calico Cathy meets Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam.             

   2.    Quilts by the Number.  Appliqued kit quilts.

   3.    A -Tisket- a -Tasket-a-Pretty-Quilted Basket.  Lots of basket quilts from 1870’s to the present.


   4.    Happy colors from a Sad Time!  Quilts from the Depression era, original and reproduction quilts.


   5.    Oh My Stars!  Star quilts (antique to present day) and a couple of Moons.

   6.    Bubble Gum or Pepto Bismal:  You either love or hate double pink quilts.


   7.    Cathy’s Eclectic Quilt Collection:  A peek at quilts either collected or created.

   8.    Cathy’s Quilts:  Quilts Catherine has made.


   9.    Oh Baby!  Often the first quilt made is for a baby.  Take a look at a variety of antique and reproduction baby quilts.  Share your blankie!

 10.    The Quilter's Bible: A look at Ruby Short McKim's "The Bible History Quilt" published in 1927 and other quilts that relate to women of the Bible.

 11.    Special Request: If there is a special topic your group is interested in, let’s discuss the possibility!

 12.    Read All About It:  Quilts from magazines and newspapers.



   1.  Stitches in Time: Get a head start on decorating your Christmas tree by making a crazy patch heart ornament that teaches some of the traditional embroidery stitches.  3 hours


   2.  SunBonnet Sue Gets Dressed: Here’s a chance to practice simple applique and the traditional embroidery stitches. 3 hours

   3.  Color Schemes: Using traditional color schemes as a guide, students will learn color principles while making fabric mock-ups that can be used as a guide for future reference. (Workshop requires participants to share fabrics). 3 hours

   4.  Yo-Yo Fun: Yo-You! See how easy it is to make yo-yo’s into Christmas ornaments, garland or quilts. 2 hours

   5.  Friendship Star: A basic class in drafting a pattern and stitching a Friendship Star.  Time permitting, quickly quilted for a pillow.  3 hours

   6.  Bunnies for Babies: Applique and embroider two bunnies for a pillow or a small baby quilt.  3 hours


Janette at Home with Quilts

Janette Dwyer


Hello, my name is Janette Dwyer, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I was the owner and operator of Quilt Quarters in Geneseo, Illinois for nearly six years before I closed my shop in December 2005.  For the past 16 years, I have been giving programs on my large and ever growing quilt collection.  If you are interested in learning more about quilts and quilt history, I am available to give programs to ladies groups, quilt guilds, church groups, and etal.  I do not mind taking my collection on the road.


2009 Programs


1.  Bargain Quilts and the Quilt Buy of the Century


This program is about quilts I have had the privilege of acquiring and/ or paid bargain prices for.  In this program of quilts, I feature two 1933 Century of Progress quilts from the 1933 World’s Fair which was held in Chicago, Illinois.  I share background history on the World’s Fair Quilt Contest and information about these two wonderful quilts; along with others from my collection. 


2.  Another’s Treasures


My second program is a “trunk show” of quilts I have acquired at estate sales and auctions.


3.  Threads Through Time

 In program number 3, I share and show a fabric timeline of quilts and quilt tops from 1870 to present day.

4. UFO’S – They’re Out There


My fourth 2009 program offering consists of unfinished quilt tops.  Our ancestors didn’t finish quilts tops, long before we didn’t finish quilt tops.


I am also available for appraisals.


If you are interested in booking one of my programs please contact me for a list of my services and fees at:


Janette Dwyer

Professional Quilt Appraiser and Lecturer

19781 U.S. Highway 6

Atkinson, Illinois  61235




Caryl Schuetz 

Woodhaven Studios



Caryl is a quilt historian, lecturer, and a quilt appraiser certified by the American Quilter's Society and is a member and past president of the Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles. She travels to Illinois and throughout the United States, and is available for the following:

  • Quilt appraisals
  • Antique quilt dating workshops
  • Documentation days
  • Consultations
  • Lectures
  • American quilt history seminars
  • Quiltmaking workshops
  • Appraisal days for guilds and quilt shows
  • Antique American woven coverlet appraisals


Contact Information:


Caryl Schuetz

P.O. Box 68827 Traders Point

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Phone:  317-293-2466 

E-mail:  carylschuetz@comcast.net